Why use 3D Digital Anatomy Printing? What are the applications and benefits for health?


In the medical field, each patient is unique, therefore surgical procedures, tools, medical devices, etc… would often need to be tailored.

Let us begin with the current situation of existing solutions:

  • Cadavers
  • Major constraints such as availability, storage and scheduling
  • Not always contain targeted pathology
  • Significant cost
  • Ethical concerns
  • Animal models
  • Major constraints such as availability, storage and scheduling
  • Approximate human anatomy
  • May not represent targeted pathology
  • Expensive and ethical constrains
  • Training in operation room
  • Too risky for patients
  • Lengthening time in O.R. and anaesthesia
  • Virtual reality
  • Lack of haptic feedback
  • Mannequin models
  • Approximate human anatomy
  • Limited or no customisation (pathologies, etc)

Current solutions are not completely addressing the needs and expectations of medical staff.

Therefore, 3D printing is gradually emerging as an attractive complementary solution thanks to its ability of personalization.

With 3D Digital Anatomy printing, we provide you with a new experience where you can achieve the feel and behaviour of the real thing.

Discover the benefits of the technology and its applications for the medical sector:

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