Why use 3D printed musculoskeletal models?

We produce functional musculoskeletal models that replicate complex anatomy integrating simultaneously hard and soft tissues, connective tissues, bones and elastic organs.


We customised models according to the physiological and pathological specifications you need (healthy or osteoporotic bones, fibrosis, calcification …).


We can vary bone density or tissue elasticity to provide lifelike experience.


  • Replication of complex anatomical models integrating simultaneously bones and soft tissues, as well as ligaments and nerve roots

  • Ability to modify bone density I order to mimic healthy or diseased bones

  • Ability to recreate clinical procedures such as tapping, drilling, spinal alignment or pedicle screw insertion

  • Repeatable upon request for workshops, trainings, demonstrations, etc

  • No ethical concern

Ask-us to work together on your model or bespoke medical simulator

Visualisation models using multiple colors are also available upon request