Installation of the TYMPANO simulator

Performing an otoscope examination with the TYMPANO simulator

The TYMPANO simulator is designed for training in otoscope examination of the eardrum.


The 31 interchangeable eardrum cartridges enable you to learn how to handle the otoscope, as well as how to identify different eardrum pathologies.

Why use the TYMPANO simulator

  • To validate the student’s ability to make a diagnosis (recognition of normal and pathological eardrums)
  • To teach, practice and validate otoscope examination gestures (how to hold the otoscope, how to handle without hurting the patient, how to see the whole eardrum, etc.)

Advantages of the TYMPANO simulator

  • Realistic procedure and otoscope view of the eardrum
  • Representation of eardrum texture in relief
  • Repeatability of the examination for the same class group
  • Playful and educational aspects for students

Exclusive development and operating license

N° VAL 2023/2021-037/02

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Visualisation models using multiple colors are also available upon request