MEDPRINT acquired the newest technology from Stratasys: the J750 Digital Anatomy Printer able to produce realistic and functional 3D anatomical models.


This technology has been developed, tweaked and validated in partnership with hospitals, medical professionals and renowned device manufacturers.

The combination of exclusive high-performance materials, together with the accuracy of DAP technology make possible the printing of anatomical details with unprecedented level of finesse and realism. Your models became a valuable tool for learning, training or device testing.

3D printer

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  • Softness, compliance and adaptability of materials allow to replicate both healthy and diseased tissues;

  • Finesse of details (thickness of vascular wall up to 1.5mm, internal diameter of vessels up to 1mm, replication of cordae tendinae, valve leaflets and annuli, etc).


  • Lifelike representation of human anatomy and customization of printing thanks to patient specific imaging;

  • Clinically realistic haptic feedback;
  • Bones and tissues replication with variable density and stiffness in order to mimics the complexity and wide range of pathology.



  • Simulation of clinical procedures in a true-to-life environment, but without any risk for patients;

  • Accurate experience of cutting, suturing, guide wire & catheter insertion, TAVR deployment, etc;

  • Unlimited replication of models printed upon request.

We will be pleased to co-develop the future of simulator and bring your projects to life